I'd get my own life, if it didn’t work. I’ve been using Sleep­Tracks for over a year now. Amazed at how effec­tive is continues to be for me when noth­ing otherwise worked. I eventually own it back, although It’s been so-long since I have thought like my life belonged in my experience.

We imagine sound sleep can­not be built about the foun­da­tions of poor mind/​​body health. This is the reason Sleep­Tracks is a “health-​​​​first” pro­gram: it's been cre­ated from your ground-up with your long-​​​​term health in mind. I'd sleep­ing prob­lems for approximately 10 years, but they inex­plic­a­bly turned ter­ri­bly worse 12 months. For 2 years I tried every­thing, sleep­ing supplements, gentle ther­apy, behav­ior ther­apy, doc­tors, sleep stud­ies, noth­ing served.

Like when I was within my 20’s I wakeup feel­ing rested and renewed. Thanks ” “I pur­chased your Slumber Track pro­gram in Novem­ber 2011.  I used to be expe­ri­enc­ing wak­ing up within the mid­dle of the night time with­out to be able to get back to sleep for a serious while.  I fol­lowed your direc­tions about lisent­ing to Total Night everyday for 2 months.

 I still have prob­lems with wak­ing up,  Most instances I get back to sleep swiftly and that’s for me that was excellent. I have anx­i­ety problems that have already been handled by medications for too long.  I could have the anx­i­ety because of the drugs!  I’m on Nor­tripty­line and Clon­azepam.

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